Spring 2010

Student-Researchers wrote about a wide range of topics during Spring 2010, including: The Woman’s Exponent, the building of the LDS Temple, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s visit to Salt Lake City, and Saltair.

Authors included:

Aly Anderson

Jessica Boudah

Kristine Child

Kit Chipman

Nick Critchlow

Brett Curtis

Theadora Davidson

Cameron DeWitt

Jordan Evans

Emma Fullerton

Dakota Hawks

Diane Holbrook

Kevin Hussey

Emily Johnson

Valerie Johnson

Carly Kunz

Jenna Levetan

Tiffany M.T. Lieu

James G. Lowe

Chad Manis

Crystal Mietchen

Laura Nielson Newbold

Jed Piercy

Shane Roberts

Cameron Stevens

Anna Sullivan

Keith Thomas

Madeline Vandever

Kimberlee Ward

Jessie Warmoth

Jamie A. Welch Jaro

Amelia Whitworth